Thoroughly recommend Presence Brand Management. Before meeting with Gitte I had an abundance of ideas about my brand, but was really struggling to actually pull them together and articulate them in a way that would make coherent sense to customers. Gitte really helped me to distil and clarify my ideas: I feel like I've gone from vague 'in my head' notions to something much more tangible. I have a clear way of telling my story and articulating why I'm different and that genuinely makes me feel excited to go out and shout about my business. Can't wait to get started with this new way of communicating what I do and who I am. A great investment for my business - thank you Gitte!

- Hannah, Verbose Design

Write your own brand brief


This service is for you if you’re a confident writer. During a 4-6 hour consultation (or perhaps two consultations of a shorter duration), we discover everything that makes up your brand, what makes it different, who your ideal clients are etc. If you require brand styling, then we’ll make time for mood board creation as well. The idea is that YOU do the note-taking, bring your notes home and write up your own brand book - your brand, your way! I’ll be available after the consultation on video call and/or e-mail if you have any questions.

Consultation: £40/hr

Brand clarity and style in one book for your business


This is the full brand strategy which will include your brand values, purpose, positioning, ideal clients, brand story and brand style. This is how the process usually works: Over a few creative meetings (or 1 whole day of working together if you prefer) we’ll discover what makes up your unique brand. I’ll be asking lots of questions and perhaps you’ll be given a bit of homework. Together we’ll find the answers and create a moodboard or two to help us visualise your brand. In between meetings (or after a day’s hard work together) I’ll work on your strategy. With your strategy in hand you will know exactly what your brand stands for and how to communicate it to your ideal clients. You will be able to take your brand book to your designer (or the designer I work with) and have the perfect visual identity designed for you.

Full brand strategy book: £350 + visual branding by designer
Consultation: £40/hr

brand clarity is essential for any entrepreneur and small business


You’ve got a visual brand identity you’re happy with. A graphic designer has created a logo for you, a colour palette to stick to, ideas for fonts to use, and you know exactly how and where to apply these brand style elements. That’s fantastic! But the words that describe your brand are missing and you’re struggling to communicate exactly what you’re about. It’s all stuck in your head. It’s time to get it out, so your brand can start working for you. You want to be able to share your brand story with your ideal clients. And by the way, who are your ideal clients? Do you know for sure? This is another aspect, we will find out. Once you’ve got clarity on your brand, your content will flow and your marketing materials will be easy to commission because the foundation for it is there, ready to build on. I will ask you all the right questions to get the information out of your head and down on paper. The outcome is a Brand Clarity book containing a brand strategy tailored to your business.

Brand Clarity book: £250
Consultation: £40/hr

An image coach/personal stylist can help you feel confident and empowered on shoot day


Your story (or stories) is what brings your brand to life. It gives your brand meaning and people can relate to you when they know your story. It’s your story they will tell their friends, not how good your logo looks or how fantastic your images are on your website. It can be hard though, trying to extract that story and have it work for your business as a marketing tool. I will help you find out what your story is and teach you how to implement it into your marketing, e.g how to use storytelling on Instagram or Facebook. What you get is a document with your brand story and ideas for other stories you could be telling and how to use them in your marketing.

Brand Story doc: £75
Consultation: £40/hr

Six to twelve months after your strategy and style book has been delivered, you can choose to have an accountability call with me.


This service is mainly for clients whom I’ve worked with on their branding who would like a catch up, or even a regular meet-up to be coached on their brand journey. I’ll help you keep on top of your brand at all times, making sure you’re sticking to your brand style and applying it to the full advantage across all media platforms. We will also go through your marketing materials and online presence to check whether your message is still clear. If circumstances have changed in your business, the messaging needs to be adjusted to fit for your brand to stay strong.

£50/first hour, £40/hour after that