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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if your service is right for me?
If you’ve had your business for a while, but you’ve never given branding any more thought than having had a logo made and created a website with some words on it, then this is for you. Get in touch and we’ll have a chat about your business and what you’re looking to achieve by working on your branding.

When is the right time to do this kind of work?
It depends on where you are on your business journey. Take a look at my different options to see which one suits you for where you are right now. I’m happy to tailor individually. If you feel like your business isn’t growing as fast as you’d like, or your brand no longer feels right for you, or you’re looking to rethink your services, then it’s a good idea to look at your branding and work on your brand messaging and changing your visual style to compliment and reflect your new approach.

How long will the branding work take?
It depends which topic you feel needs more work. For each topic I cover, there will be homework and it obviously depends on how much time you can dedicate to it. If you go for the full service, then I expect us to be able to complete two topics per month, so it would take a total of 3 months. That said, a brand isn’t built in a day (or 3 months), it’s built every day.

Do I need to be creative to work on my brand style?
No, but I bet you are more creative than you think. If you would like me to, I will go through the styling process with you too. Once we’ve nailed your strategy, it’s a lot easier to make decisions on your visual identity (your style). I can help you with colours, fonts, photography style, icons, illustrations, patterns, textures - whatever you want to add to your brand to make it personal to you and reflect you.

Will you plan my brand awareness campaign for me?
No, I’m afraid that’s not something I do, but I WILL give you practical advice on how to build brand awareness after we have finished the coaching session(s). I will also be there on email for you for accountability for a whole month after we’ve had our session together.

Will you also design my logo?
No, I’m not a graphic designer, but I work with a graphic designer who can design your logo for you once you have developed your brand style.

What is a brand?
A brand is ‘that thing’ you cannot define. It’s the story that other people tell each other about your business and about you. It’s the amalgamation of everything you do in the name of your business. It is not your logo and it is not your business.

What is branding?
Branding is your chance to influence what people think and say about you/your business through communicating your story, your mission, your values and your style to the “right” people. It is not your logo, your colours or graphics.

“I want to thank Gitte for the branding work she did with me. It was a pleasure to work with her from start to finish. I had been putting off working on my branding as I wasn’t clear on how to communicate my values. I had read the books, naively thinking I might be able to have a stab as it myself, but the reality was that I was too close to my own business to see it for what it was. I knew at our initial meeting that Gitte understood me and my business. She helped me to dig deeper and get really clear on what my values were, and then translated them into something I love. I have already had lots of positive feedback from ideal clients which means I must have got my branding right. Thank you!”

-Rebecca Wise Ads