Consistency = Longevity

Gahhh, such a boring title, but nevertheless, it is a mantra repeated by all branding professionals; you’ve got to be consistent across all media not only in how your brand looks and feels, but also with your core values and messages in order for your brand to become trusted and be able to stay in business for years to come.


Being consistent across the board is key to building the “know-like-trust” factor with your ideal customers. Once you’ve established the know-like-trust, you will start to be able to convert potential customers into profitable customers. If you have a solid brand strategy, this will help you sound and appear consistent with your messages and visuals.

So, what does a brand strategy consist of? Let me start out by saying that branding is a journey. It’s not a matter of slapping a logo on your social media pages and on your products and hey presto! You have a brand! No, building a brand takes time. Yes, you need a logo, but that is only one of the building blocks used to build your brand.

Building blocks of branding

Ideal clients: When starting out a business, there are a number of key factors you need to establish. An absolute essential is identifying your ideal client(s). When you know your target audience, you can start to look at their pain points – what problems do your ideal clients have that you can help them solve?

Brand messages: Once you have nailed your ideal clients and their pain points, you then look inward and ask yourself the difficult questions: What are your core values? Why have you chosen to set up your business? What do you do that is different to your competitors? Why should your ideal clients buy from you? What’s your story and why should anyone listen to it?

Brand style: What look and feel do you want your brand to communicate? Is it sleek and minimalist? Is it luxurious and opulent? What colours will communicate your brand’s personality best? How should your brand sound? What photographic style tells your story the best?

 Consistency is the key to longevity

Once you’ve got your building blocks sorted, you can start to turn out some consistent content, not just on social media and online, but through offline marketing as well. Then your audience will start to recognise your look and your voice. They will begin to relate to your messages and start to engage with your brand (or with you if you’re a solo entrepreneur) and eventually trust you enough to buy from you. That’s when you have achieved the “know-like-trust” factor.

There’s so much more to branding than meets the eye. Done right and you’ve got the foundation to build a brand that will last you for years to come. Sure, businesses grow, trends change and you’ve got to accommodate that, but if your brand is built on values with substance then the rest is easy to change around.