I love connecting with other humans over a coffee and believe in being present not perfect

I founded Presence because I believe that every woman deserves the confidence and skills to flourish within their brand. I want them to know they can 100% make a success out of their business simply by holding the right tools. 

I work with solo business owners to capture what it is that makes them - and what they offer - truly special.. To get them excited about what they are bringing to the world.

I combine my passion for people, belief in human connection and innate sense of  style (I am Danish after all) to encourage more women in business to show up and shine.

My name is pronounced ghi-tuh by the way. I know you were wondering how to ask me to pronounce my name. There you go, awkward moment avoided - you’re welcome.

“Gitte is patient, thorough and excellent at what she does.  She can challenge you when necessary but ultimately she wants you to go away with an end result you are totally 100% happy with. Thank you Gitte, for making this experience so rewarding, valuable and painless.” - Sarah Kerr Coaching


For the longest time, I struggled to find my path.

Since becoming a mum to my beautiful, wonderful (and slightly bonkers!) girls, my path had become overgrown and barricaded with self doubt and uncertainty.

I’d forgotten what I was good at. What I was passionate about. 

I needed to get out of “mum-mode” and back to me.

I booked a stylist to come and sort out my abysmal wardrobe and that was when a whole new world opened up to me. It wasn’t so much the clothes that changed me (although it certainly helped that I was dragged out of my mum-clothes), but I saw how empowered and successful she felt from building her business. I could feel the joy it brought her. I wanted that for myself.

I had noticed when searching for a stylist that her branding wasn’t coherent and left much to be desired. When I met her, I knew straight away that it didn’t live up to the first class service she was providing. And with that, Presence was born.

I believe in following my intuition and adapting as I go.

I didn’t want to see any other women with a brilliant service to offer held back by their own lack of self belief or understanding of what made them special. I wanted to start a business that highlighted these women’s strengths and empowered them to truly own their brand and love what they do. And so, in 2018, I moved into branding, drawing on my masters degree in languages, communications and marketing and my understanding of the principles of how to create strong, recognisable brands.I was following my inner compass and things started to fall into place. I knew I was on the right path, even if I didn’t quite know where it would lead me!


I don’t just help women build brands. I help them build their community.

Having an epic product or service is about so much more than “what you’re selling”. It’s the story you craft that enables you to connect with your “people”.

I would not be where I am today without the connections I’ve made with women who have lifted me up and helped me understand my potential.

And now? That’s precisely what I do.

My objective is not only to provide clients with a tangible investment for their business but to help them transform how they show up for themselves, and the rest of the world. My goal is to ensure that the work I do has a positive impact on people, their businesses and their self-worth.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, a service-based startup or simply someone ready to put yourself at the heart of your brand, I can help you style and build a brand that feels true to you.

Get in touch for a chat. I’d love to hear from you.

All the best,