Do you want to own your message and stand out online?

Got all these ideas about your brand that you can’t seem to articulate? Whether you're just starting out on your journey as an entrepreneur, or you've had your business for a while, I have a simple solution to get your brand out of your head and down on paper… or rather on to your website, in your social media - anywhere you want!

That was me not so long ago…

I know how you feel, because I've been there. I had all this branding knowledge, but didn't know how to explain how to apply it to your business. Well, I do now. I've developed a workbook with a dozen exercises that you work through with me as your guide. Prepare yourself for lots of difficult questions! The outcome is 100% brand clarity and a style to match. Knowing your brand inside out means that your message will be as clear as day.

Let’s build your brand, starting today

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What you get from me

You get a brand book containing EVERYTHING there is to know about your brand.
Use it when you’re:
//Creating content for your social media//
//Wanting to brand your IG account//
//Writing content for your website//
//Creating marketing materials//
//About to make a tough decision for your business//
//Doing ANY work that involves creating brand awareness//
//Needing a brief for any professional you’re looking for do work for you//

Let’s have a chat, online, via email, on the phone, over coffee…

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Meeting Gitte and having her work on my brand is the best thing I’ve ever done for my business. When my husband and I decided that I should take over our photography business and run it full time by myself, I felt it needed a full rebrand. This was where Gitte came into my life. She made me take a step back and see just how much I had to offer. Gitte saw me and what was special about me and my business. That gave me a whole new foundation to build my business on. I now have all my brand messages clearly written down. She nailed my brand story and showed me a new side to my style that I couldn’t have pulled together myself. I am very proud of my new business name and my new branding incl. logo and colours. The colours are just so me and the logo really reflects who I am. I love it and can’t wait to reveal it to everyone. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

-Songül Taylor Photography


Hej, I’m Gitte Louise

There’s no marketing jargon when you work with me. I’m Danish for a start, I don’t know all the buzzwords or speak “business”. My love of marketing and branding began as a student in Denmark, where I took a masters degree in marketing and communications, which I concluded with a thesis on branding. After many years of employment and a few years as a stay-at-home mum, I decided to launch Presence Brand Management to help local entrepreneurs with their branding.
I have recently learnt how to brew coffee using a filter machine, because working from home, this has proven to be an essential life skill. I’m partial to a nice cup of tea as well, though – one does live in England, after all (though very much a Dane and European citizen, still). Click the button below to read my story.