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hej med dig,

I’m Gitte Louise

I’m Danish, but currently live in Hampshire with my family. My first name is pronounced [ghi-tuh] and ‘hej med dig’ means ‘hey you’, but I presume you’re not here to learn Danish?? You’re here, because you have a new business - or new-ish - and you want help distilling your thoughts and ideas about your brand into a strategy and a style that is going to take your business to the next level. Am I right?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, because I help creative female business owners create a personality and value led brand through 1:1 strategy sessions.

Creating a brand strategy and complimentary style that aligns with your values and personality is "the easiest thing in the world", because you know all the answers already. You just need a helping hand when it comes to asking the right kind of questions.

I'm on a mission to help you create a brand to be proud of, a brand to feel confident in and a brand to feel comfortable with. A brand that feels like "you".

Let’s have a chat, online, via email, on the phone, over coffee…

…whichever way you prefer and let’s find out how I can help your brand grow

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let me help you…

…create the brand you have in your head. I have a simple solution to get all your ideas about your brand out of your head and down on paper… or rather on to your website, in your social media - anywhere you want. I know how you feel, because I've been there. I had all this branding knowledge, but didn't know how to explain how to apply it to your business. Well, I do now. I've developed a workbook with a dozen exercises that you work through with me as your guide. Prepare yourself for lots of difficult questions! The outcome is 100% brand clarity and a style to match. Knowing your brand inside out means that your message will be as clear as day.

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“Starting a business as a one-woman band is incredibly daunting and a clear branding strategy is a must to keep up with stiff competition! Before meeting Gitte I was completely overwhelmed and unsure of how to communicate with potential customers..or even who my customers were! Gitte worked hard to bring clarity to my vision and used an arsenal of exercises and questions to thoroughly analyse my brand in order to extract my core values, mission and brand voice. Her sessions are thorough and results surprising as she challenges your preconceptions giving you an effective strategy to successfully move forward. The resulting 'brand book' has been the foundation on which I have built my marketing campaigns and social media presence. Last but certainly not least, she has been 100% committed to my project, ready to hold my hand through the ups and downs and a huge asset to my business. She has given me confidence and I couldn't be more grateful for her hard work!”

-Alex Gibson, Offshore Swimwear